About the Game

Meet the Game Drive Creators

Game Drive was created by Mark Jennings and Andrea Crompton, from New Zealand.

Mark recalls: “I first thought of the idea for Game Drive while sitting in the back of a safari truck in the Makalali Reserve, South Africa, in 2008. Andrea and I were working there as volunteers for a couple of weeks. This involved us watching and counting animals, particularly elephants.”

“Upon our return to New Zealand, we did little with the game for almost a year.

Reminiscing about our trip helped spur us into action and a year later we arranged for the first pack of cards to be printed using the photos taken by us on our trip in 2008.”

“It’s been a long road, but we’re hugely pleased to see that initial idea burgeon into a fun, exciting game that shares our passion and concerns about the astonishing wildlife of Southern Africa.”

The idea behind the game

What we want to achieve from Game Drive is to provide an opportunity for people to think about the vulnerability of Southern African animals – and not just the Big Five.

In addition, we hope to raise awareness for the need to conserve the African bush for some of the most beautiful animals in the world.

Game Drive Limited is a supporter of The Rhino Protection Trust 2010 (a trust set up to protect rhino populations within private game reserves of South Africa).

View the website here – www.rhinoprotectiontrust.co.za