When can I use the Poacher card?

You can use the Poacher card during your turn whether on the way to a Reserve or in a Reserve.

Can I pick up from either the pack or the discard pile?

Yes, when you are in a Reserve or have landed on a Waterhole you can pick up from either the deck or discard pile.

What happens when we run out of deck cards?

Keep the top card of the discard pile face up, shuffle the rest and place them face down as the new Game Drive deck.

When do I “Pick up, Play, Discard, Replenish”?

On your turns after you have entered a Reserve.

When can I make a Game Drive?

On your turn after you have entered a Reserve – you cannot enter a Reserve and make a Game Drive in the same turn. It could take you a number of turns to get the appropriate cards to make a Game Drive.  You may want to wait until you have the cards to maximise points.

What do I need to make a Game Drive?

A Game Drive is made up of an animal Photo card, its matching Tracker card and the Reserve card the player received when entering the Reserve.

Once I have made a Game Drive do I have to leave the Reserve on my next turn?

Yes, once you have made a Game Drive you must leave the Reserve on your next turn.

Do I have to make a Game Drive in a Reserve?

You can pass through the Reserve again although you do not receive a second Reserve card.  You can only make one Game Drive in each Reserve.

When can I use a Ranger card?

You can only use a Ranger card to protect a Game Drive during your turn when you are in a Reserve.