How to Play

Overview of the game

Please refer to the Rules which explain how to play Game Drive in detail. This Overview presents the general way the game is played.

After Set Up, there are two main elements in playing Game Drive.

The first element is all about getting to a Reserve

From Camp, each player rolls the dice to advance along a chosen track to a Reserve. The Reserve that a player will first head to is likely to be dependent on the cards in their hand or the strategy a player may wish to follow: go for points, destroy another player’s points or be first to make all five Game Drives.

Along the way a player may land on a Waterhole or a Lookout. If a player lands on a Waterhole, the player selects a card from either the Game Drive deck or the discard pile, and then discards a card from their hand – you can only have five cards in your hand. If the player lands on a Lookout, the player picks up a Lookout card and follows the instruction to either Advance or Go Back.

The second element of Game Drive is played in a Reserve

After entering a Reserve and receiving a Reserve card on their previous turn, the player must:

  • Pick up a card from the Game Drive deck or discard pile
  • Play
  • Discard a card from their hand
  • Replenish their hand back to five cards.

Once a Game Drive has been made, the player must leave the Reserve on their next turn.

Poacher & Ranger Cards

Poacher and Ranger cards add a degree of complexity to the game. Poacher cards may be used to poach a Photo card from another player’s Game Drive, which means its points are lost. Ranger cards protect a player’s Game Drive and its points.

And the winner is …

The first player to make all five Game Drives ends the safari (or round).

The winner is the player with the most points after the last safari played.